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Use Cases

Upkepr simplifies website management for developers, agencies, and website owners alike. It offers monitoring, alerts, and easy website sharing, making maintenance effortless and ensuring smooth website operation.


is designed to seamlessly integrate with various Content Management Systems (CMS) to provide comprehensive monitoring, security, and performance optimization.


Upkepr provides robust features such as vulnerability detection in core files, plugins, and themes, ensuring that your site is protected against potential threats. It continuously monitors site performance, offering insights and recommendations to optimize speed and user experience. Additionally, Upkepr tracks updates for WordPress components and sends timely notifications, helping you keep your site up-to-date and secure. Automated backup solutions further safeguard your data, allowing for quick recovery in case of issues.


Upkepr focuses on maintaining the security and efficiency of your online store. It monitors modules and themes for vulnerabilities, ensuring compliance with security best practices. The tool analyzes site performance, offering actionable tips to enhance the shopping experience. Upkepr also tracks necessary updates for PrestaShop core and extensions, helping maintain a secure and smoothly functioning e-commerce site. Continuous uptime monitoring ensures your store remains accessible, with immediate alerts for any downtime.


Upkepr also supports other CMS platforms like Joomla, Drupal, Magento, and more and without cms as well, providing broad compatibility and consistent monitoring. It ensures seamless integration, detecting vulnerabilities in the core, plugins, and themes of any supported CMS. Upkepr's comprehensive monitoring includes performance evaluation and update management, offering tailored suggestions to maintain site security and functionality. By providing these services, Upkepr ensures that websites across various CMS platforms remain secure, efficient, and reliable, reducing the maintenance burden on developers, web agencies, and website owners.


Upkepr appears to be a service or platform that caters to various types of customers, including developers, web agencies, and website owners


If you're tired of the constant stress of managing websites, Upkepr is here to ease your burden. With Upkepr , you can set specific monitoring criteria for each website, connect them to your CMS, and receive timely alerts when action is needed. You can effortlessly handle multiple websites and even share them with website owners if you're on an agency plan.



Forget about missing important website updates or dealing with maintenance headaches. Upkepr takes care of it all by monitoring your websites and notifying you when action is required based on your chosen metrics. With agency plans, you can easily share websites with developers and clients, and customize reports and alerts to match your branding.


Website Owners

No more relying on developers to monitor your website's performance. With Upkepr , you can keep an eye on your site using metrics that matter to you. If needed, you can collaborate with developers by sharing websites and implementing Upkepr's suggestions. Plus, receive critical alerts to ensure your website runs smoothly


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