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Check the health of your website for free with Upkepr today!

Vulnerability detector

Protect your website with Upkepr by identifying and fixing security vulnerabilities


Stay informed when your website goes down or becomes inaccessible to users

Automatic alert

Get automatic alerts and act quickly to maintain website performance and security

What is Upkepr?

Upkepr is a powerful tool designed to ease the workload of developers, web agencies, and website owners by taking over the constant monitoring and maintenance of their websites. Once you add your website to Upkepr, it becomes responsible for ensuring the site runs smoothly and securely.

How Upkepr Works?

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    Constant Monitoring

    Upkepr continuously monitors your website's uptime and downtime, ensuring you are always aware of your site's availability.

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    Performance Checks

    It regularly checks your website’s performance, identifying any issues that might affect load times or user experience.

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    Alerts and Reports

    Upkepr sends daily alerts and comprehensive reports about your website's status. These updates highlight key measures that need attention, so you always know what actions to take.

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    Security Measures

    For CMS-based websites, Upkepr goes a step further. It scans for vulnerabilities in plugins, core files, and themes, and sends alerts whenever it detects potential security risks. This allows you to promptly address and fix any issues, ensuring your website remains secure.

Monitor website to detect vulnerabilities

Monitor your website continuously to detect issues early and ensure prompt resolution, maintaining optimal performance and security.

One platform to ensure your website are operational

Upkepr is the ultimate platform to ensure your website remains operational, regardless of whether you are a developer, web agency, website owner, or using a CMS.

Reasons Why should we you use Upkepr?

Choosing Upkepr ensures enhanced security, continuous monitoring, timely updates, quick issue resolution, automated reports, and seamless CMS integration for your website.

Security and Performance

Upkepr ensures your website stays fast and secure by providing constant and vigilant monitoring. This proactive approach protects your site from potential attacks and maintains optimal performance

24/7 Monitoring

Upkepr offers around-the-clock management of your website with active monitoring. Our service includes daily alerts to help safeguard your online presence, ensuring any issues are detected and addressed promptly

Timely Alerts and Updates

Stay informed with Upkepr timely alerts. We notify you promptly about important updates, such as SSL certificate and domain expirations, as well as necessary plugin updates. This keeps your website secure and up-to-date

Quick Downtime Detection

Upkepr keeps a close watch on your website, quickly detecting any downtime. This enables us to address and resolve issues swiftly, minimizing disruption to your online presence

Automated Reports

With Upkepr, you can relax while our system automatically generates and sends you detailed reports. This saves you time and effort, providing you with valuable insights into your website’s performance and security

Seamless CMS Integration

Upkepr integrates smoothly with various CMS platforms, ensuring compatibility and ease of management for your core files, plugins, and themes. Our seamless approach makes it easy to maintain and optimize your CMS-based website

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